Poems and Stories from the Heart – by Peter Knoester

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In this moving collection of poems and stories, Peter Knoester writes both from personal experience and from the influence of people he has known in his life.  These impressionistic writings are highly relatable to anyone facing challenges and hurdles, whether they be due to separation from family and friends, or alcohol and drug use.  Upon interpretation of the heartfelt stories and poems presented here, the reader will gain a deeper understanding and know that there is hope for anyone living with similar circumstances.

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Keywords:- Emotional, Moving, Impressiomistic, Lasting, Personal, Understanding, Realistic, Poems, Heart, Beautiful, Stories, Challenges, Life, Experience, Dark Times, Hope, Strength, Love, Torment, Tormented Heart, Serenity, The Fall, Finding Love, The Mighty Oak, It Is I, What My Heart Feels, Beyond Our View, Thoughts In Flight, A Mother’s Love, Persevere, Business Opportunity, Near And Far, Abide, The Meadow.

Genres:- Poetry, General.

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