Pets: An Adults’ Tale – by Ian Hunter

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“I am a lady in my early thirties, sexy, witty and adventurous, slim and tall. I am in search of a Caucasian man in his forties or early fifties, who is not looking for a LTR but for a lady friend to enjoy fantasy trials with. Write to me; a (no-nude) photo would be appreciated.”

It seemed too good to be true. He responded to discover everything was contrary to what was stated. Four major episodes unfolded, with varying degrees of pleasure and pain. As deep-seated eroticism took hold, the idea, description and testing of a “pet” assumed significance. It was a concept he had never heard of.

Adrianna and John meet online. She’s a dark, smooth-skinned Kenyan. He’s a European. There’s an almost instant recognition of adventure, exploration, and teasing the dark side of sexual experience. The two find themselves on a journey that spans four phases of experience. The first and second falter, the third is tempestuous. The last sees them recognizing what does and does not work in such a personally risky endeavor.

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Keywords:- Adult, Sensual, Erotic, Inter-Racial, Kenya.

Genres:- Erotica.

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