Peanuts : A Sequel to I’ll See You in My Dreams – by Doreen G. Kimmel

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Peanuts is the continuation of the true love story between the author’s parents, Joe and Rose, which was begun in Doreen G. Kimmel’s previous book I’ll See You In My Dreams.

This book is told through Rose’s eyes. Of Sicilian background, Rose and Joe first met in 1927 at the Feast of Saint Gennaro in New York City. After a separation of nine years, the two meet again, marry, and Rose finds the joy of being Joe’s best friend as he becomes the center of her life.

Share the hardships and the good times that Rose experienced with her family in this stunning book written by her daughter. The nine years that Rose and Joe lost spurred the couple to vow that they would to be together through all eternity, and that vow never wavered. The love they shared for fifty-six years was a gift of happiness given by destiny, and shared by their three daughters and their loving descendants.

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Keywords:- Nonfiction, Love, Lost, Found, Destiny, Together, Forever.

Genres:- Fiction, Romance, Historical.

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