Passionate Arthur Flynn (9781606931905) – by Derek Reid

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Arthur has a deep rooted ambition to become a Doctor and with the love and help from his Mother he earns a place at Kings College Cambridge. He is struggling to pay for his training and daily living costs and takes a job as a milkman delivering the daily pints early in the morning. He thinks the milk round won’t interfere with his studies, but forces are at work to alter the course he has set himself. The milk round becomes much more than just delivering milk; Arthur becomes a listener, adviser, confidante and reluctantly, the heart throb of the local community! His mind is consumed with the idea of being true to only one woman in his life, but dangerous liaisons, amorous women and a sprinkling of witchcraft and voodoo all conspire to confuse him. Mysterious events unfold to point Arthur in the direction that has been mapped out for him and have been bubbling away in the deep recesses of time.

The author has been married for 45 years and has 4 children.

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