Overstride : A Fight for Love, Revenge, and Freedom – by John A. Casey

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Jenny Thompson is a normal girl who possesses powerful psychic abilities she is unaware of. Glade Overstride is a kinetically gifted psychopathic murderer with an evil, powerful split personality known as Rex. He wants what Jenny has and will stop at nothing to get it.

Jenny eventually comes to better understand her abilities through the help of Floyd DeLane, a ghost freed by Jenny’s powers. Floyd helps Jenny channel her abilities and to escape from Overstride, for a chance at freedom.

Enter Detective William Scopeali, who is also looking for Jenny, as she is the one connection to his brother’s murderer from years before.

Meanwhile, a deepening bond between Floyd and Jenny unfolds into an unusual love affair that will lead to a child of human and ghost origins as her abilities awaken to something even Floyd had not thought possible.

Ultimately, the very pregnant Jenny confronts Overstride and Scopeali in a final showdown on a bridge in Portland, Oregon. With birth imminent and Overstride, Scopeali, and Rex closing in fast, Jenny Thompson must make a final stand.

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Keywords:-Overstride, Casey, Thriller, Jenny, Killer, Eyes, Metaphysical.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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