Otherwise Engaged – by Antoine Balzac

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At one and twenty, Lady Angelica Fitzhugh, the youngest sibling of the Earl of Hillcrest, has been rusticating in rural Hampshire for two years. After her first Season, her betrothed managed only second place in a duel to the death just two days before their wedding.

Out of the blue, her papa has informed her that to save the Hillcrest dynasty, in five days she is to wed the rather ancient Earl of Scarborough, become the step-mama to his twin daughters, and sail to Australia on her husband’s swansong voyage as an admiral in Her Majesty’s Navy.

After two engagements and one wedding, the new Countess of Scarborough finds herself in a quandary. For it appears that her elderly husband much prefers the cabin boy’s bed to hers.

Angelica finds herself caught up in a series of thrilling, chilling and romantic adventures after her arrival at her new home in Australia. Otherwise Engaged is a purely delicious Victorian romance just waiting for the sparks to fly.

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Keywords:- Australia, Historical, Romance, Adventure, Love, Affection, Intrigue.

Genres:- Fiction, Romance, Historical.

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