Only a Game After All – by Susan Katrinka Butler

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“Sarah Franklin needs to get her brain cells aligned. Not because of some broken love affair, though that would have been fun if she could remember such a thing. Sarah has just woken up from a coma, and the young woman is convinced she’s still in high school.

Bill Petrov is a professor of physics at her new school. No way was he looking for a lover, but he is smitten with Sarah the first day of school. He knows better than to be attracted to a high school student, yet there’s something different about her. She reacts differently than other students, is totally serious, and absorbs everything in class. When they talk, she teases Bill, offering innuendo or suggestions that totally take him off guard.

Analyzing their conversations later, he realizes her words are out of sync with today’s teenage lingo and are more like those of a colleague than a student. The paradox only increases his fascination with her. He looks forward to seeing Sarah every day, exchanging a smile, or wondering what she’ll say next to unnerve him.

Sarah is totally unprepared for the onset of her feelings toward her teacher, yet she still looks forward to her physics class without any understanding of why it makes her so happy.

Will Sarah remember her past, and what will happen when … if she does?”

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Keywords:- Surprising Connection, Love, Needing, Denial, Deception, New Insights, True Love

Genres:- Romance

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