Omnipresence: The Rise of the Gatekeeper : Book One of The Orbs of Power – by D. S. Quinio

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The eternal existence of the Universe rests on three orbs. One was stolen. And the other two are in peril.

The Orbs of Power were created when the world was young to sustain life in all creation; each contains the forces within the Maker’s innate self: Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence. When the Orb of Omnipresence fractures and explodes as the Archangel fights the Demon who attempts to steal it, the fragments fall and scatter between Earth and the realm of Dyrg’Or – two worlds existing on the Blue planet without knowledge of the other – causing both dimensions to merge and fight for space, and the shards to latch on to the mortals below.

Kyle Drummond never expects an ordinary, uneventful day in his native Toronto to end with an unlikely catastrophe. When he regains consciousness after a terrifying lightning bolt strikes him, he finds himself in a strange habitat with an archangel and a maiden from an unknown land. Kyle realizes that everything he knew about himself is just the tip of what he is destined to be.

Freija, an erudite from Dyrg’Or, has remained a maiden all her life until she finds love with shy, unassuming Kyle. Yet if they succeed on a quest to hunt for the scattered orb fragments and manage to put the balance back on Earth and Dyrg’Or, she is doomed to never see Kyle again.

Omnipresence: The Rise of the Gatekeeper is the first book of The Orbs of Power. It is the story of how a guileless mortal transcends to become The Gatekeeper, and the journey that defines his destiny.

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Keywords:-Fantasy, Angel, Demon, Heaven, Hell, Epic, Adventure.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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