No, I Don’t Want to Play Today : An African Tale About Bullying – by Brenda Jones

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In the lush jungles of Africa lives Larry the lion, King of the Jungle. Larry thinks that he is the best animal ever! Not only does he boast to himself about how great he is, but he points out what’s wrong with everyone else.He tells Kenny the kangaroo, a very shy and sweet animal, that he has funny feet. He calls Patti the parrot stupid. He often bullies Zella the zebra just for fun! All of his friends decide that Larry is just not nice to be around anymore and they don’t want to play with him.Jill the jaguar is a wise and kind animal. Jill knows that all everyone has to do is understand each other and realize that each one is a very important part of the group for their very own special reasons. How can she convince Larry that in order to earn respect he has to show respect to others?This entertaining children’s story teaches the importance of kindness, tolerance, and friendship.

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