Nightmare Begins With an Eye – by Brady Styles

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Tait and Sticks, former musicians who are now private eyes, agree to assist Inspector Nathan’s beautiful niece. She wants to return a potentially deadly artifact to its mythical place of origin in a lost valley located somewhere in the jungles of Africa.

Their noble and chivalrous decision takes them on a perilous quest into a weird and dangerous world of giant creatures, carnivorous plants, savage cannibals, quicksand, and earthquakes. And if that isn’t enough, for good measure, there’s a psychotic killer on the loose.

Despite the pair’s bumbling, the fun-loving twits somehow manage to achieve success. And there’s even some romance thrown into the mix. All in a day’s work for these former rockers who aren’t quite ready yet for rocking chairs!

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Keywords:-Comedy, Africa, Private, Jungle, Murder, Fiction, Giant.


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