Nakedness Is Your Priestly Robe (9781606931158) – by Arnold de Vos

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This is a collection of contemporary poetry from author Arnold de Vos. It is a reflection of his personal experiences as an international traveler. Deeply moving, de Vos reflects on the human experience and the relationship of man with his environment and with God. In the author’s own words…

The virtually conflicting rapport with the reader often causes me to escape into remote ages and cultures, in which the poets dealt with issues that are consonant with mine: the homoerotic relation, the transposition of the bipolar tension in the man–God relationship.

Particularly fascinated by the Sufi poetry of Arabian-Persian derivation, I have attained an understanding of the Middle–Eastern world by assimilating the writings of Annemarie Schimmel, the refined Islamologist departed in 2003. Years spent in Tunisia have contributed to my cultural enrichment as a poet who wholeheartedly prizes poverty in all of its forms as the only means for sublimating the ills of the individual and of the world.

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