My Sunset Rendezvous : Crisis in Tahiti – by IIa France Porcher

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For years, the misconception has flourished that sharks are mindless, vicious creatures that we all should fear and avoid. My Sunset Rendezvous illustrates the little known, intelligent and kinder nature of these wondrous animals.

Through years of studying the local blackfin reef sharks in Polynesia, author Ila France Porcher has made some intriguing discoveries and has had some strange and startling experiences. She and a scientific colleague, Arthur A. Myrberg Jr., found the first evidence that sharks can think and the degree to which they are social creatures. She also published a scientific paper on the gestation period and reproductive cycle of the sharks.

When a company from Singapore began finning them in August 2003, she witnessed the devastating results underwater and sought to protect her friends from this cruel and wasteful practice. Through the hard work and determination of many wildlife advocates, the sharks of Polynesia finally found protection in 2006.

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