Musings, Moments and Misadventures : A collection of poems highlighting a variety of events from my life, so far . . .- by Gina C. Browning

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“Musings, Moments and Misadventures, my second book, is a collection of stories and observations written as poems about many events that have occurred during my life. Some of the poems are very comical, others are more dramatic, some are touching and reflective, and a couple of them are sad. On the whole, it’s a pretty safe bet that several of the events showcased in this book are entirely unique to only me,” says Gina C. Browning.This very special book showcases various stories as poetry alongside accompanying illustrations rendered by the author.The book is divided into “seasons” of the author’s life. The first section addresses fond and innocent childhood memories. The Australian section draws on a heartfelt love for the country, and the creatures and author’s friends who live there. The Colorado section presents events rife with danger, adventure, independence, and intrigue. While the Texas section deals with family issues and all the everyday emotions of life.Inspired by nature, Musings, Moments and Misadventures is a wonderful mix of all that life has to throw at us.

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