Murder at Uncle Candyman’s Grocery – by Geraldine McCall

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Murder at Uncle Candyman’s Grocery begins in 1982 when Tomika McNeal is arrested for murder.

Flash back to 1959 when the three main characters are seniors in high school. The teens – Vivian Brown, Lynda Meyers, and Jonathan McNeal – forge a lifetime friendship.

Vivian is shy and afraid to speak up for herself. Lynda acts without thinking and ends up in a lot of trouble, even after her father threatens her with reform school. Jon is spoiled by his mother and never thinks about anything except what he wants out of life.

In college, each is happy to be away from the watchful eyes of their parents. Two of the friends get into trouble that could end their college careers. Lynda and Jon get caught stealing from the local grocery store and are arrested, but Jon’s mother gets them out of trouble.

After graduating from college, Vivian gets a job at a local radio station, Jon becomes an insurance salesman, and Lynda joins the local police, becoming the first black female working for the department.

Jon and Vivian end up married. Their first child, Tomika, gets arrested for murdering a man at Uncle Candyman’s Grocery. Tomika tells her mother that she doesn’t know why she killed the man! What’s the real story behind this intriguing murder mystery?

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Keywords:- Friendship, Faith, Education, Suspense, Love, Choices, Courtroom.

Genres:- Mystery.

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