Moonlight :The Hidden Blood Prophecy – by Kevin Hiner

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Eclipse is a beautiful young woman living in an old world. Her father is the protector of the land, keeping the people safe from Mandarin and Likman, the creatures who today are called vampires and werewolves.

Eclipse falls in love with a man named Jonas, but she soon discovers he is a werewolf. She decides to have him turn her into a werewolf too, so they can always be together. One day they are attacked by Mandarins and Jonas dies. Eclipse discovers she is pregnant with a child, one foretold in a prophecy. She names her child Moonlight, in the hope he can bring an end to the Mandarin and Likman.

Thus begins a terrible war between humans, Mandarin and Likman, which spans the centuries up to our present day. Moonlight is a supernatural page-turner that weaves action, romance and horror into every page. You will be spellbound.

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Keywords:- Vampires, Werewolves, Moonlight, Prophesy, War, Supernatural, Horror, Eclipse, Romance, Kevin, Hiner, Action, Fighting, Jonas, Denver, Caves, Skyscraper, Castle, Shape Shifters, Battle, Swords, Arrows, Towers, Soldiers, Hunting, Knight, Nightmares, Boulders, Attack, Army, Power, Killing, Battalions, Loyal, Cavalry, Bella, Creatures, Gathering, Night, Death, Commanders, Changing, Love, Flying, Battlefield, Optimus, Xzavier, Horse, Mountain, Peace, Books, Hidden, Blood, Daylight, Thriller, Drama, Spellbound.

Genres:- Science Fiction, Adventure, Fiction, Fantasy, Historical.

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