Miracle Gully – by Myles Pellowe

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During the holiday season, the Harris family goes on a five-day vacation to a farm next door to a national park. Siblings Sam and Faith decide to explore the park, but when the two become separated, Sam gets lost. He unwittingly enters Miracle Gully, a place where only those with child-like innocence can converse with nature. Sam meets a fairy wren, a kookaburra and a wombat. All four speak with Ebenezer, an ancient rock situated beside a billabong named Matilda, whose surface transforms into a mirror. Ebenezer guides Sam and his new friends through a story, reflected on Matilda’s surface, about the prophet Samuel hearing the voice of God for the first time.Over the next three days, Sam returns to Miracle Gully with his sisters and Nana Marlene. Ebenezer explains a different story based on the life of Joseph, seen on the billabong, and the children learn about the Kingdom of Heaven.On the final day of vacation, Sam goes alone to Miracle Gully. He returns to hear the exciting news that he and his sisters can continue learning about the Kingdom of Heaven and increase their understanding of stories in the Bible.

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Keywords:- Ancient Paths, Benjamin, Bible, Biblical Setting , Billabong Book Of Revelation, Christian, Coat Of Many Colors, Creation, Dream, Dove, Ebenezer, Eli, Engaging, Family Dynamics , Family Relationships, Fauna, Fiction, Flora, Fruit Of The Spirit, God, Heaven, Hero Of Faith, Jesus, Joseph, Judah, Kingdom Living, Kookaburra, Lord, Love, Matilda, Supernatural, Myles Pellowe, Pharaoh, Potiphar, Preteens, Reuben, Rock Of Help, Samuel, Slave, Son Of God, Supernatural, Tabernacle, Wombat, Word Of God.

Genres:- Children, Young Adult.

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