Mind Breach : Now Nowhere Is Safe – by J. L. W. Bressler

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Our story begins with a tragedy that rips apart the minds (a mind breach) of everyone involved.

Can you think of an act that would be severe enough to literally rupture your brain? Ryan Benet can, and the only way to escape such pain is to enroll at a private school named Kimball Academy.

The school has a long list of alumni who graduated from Ivy League Schools. That’s Ryan’s goal, but instead of fame and fortune, he becomes immersed in strange behavior and intense experiments.

In the beginning, the students don’t appear frightened when a bell rings and they all stop, as if frozen in time, and then run to the side of the building forming lines that face the wall. What’s causing such odd behavior?

It appears the students have been conditioned to respond to the school’s bell system. Mind Breach is a thriller based on Pavlov’s conditioning theory, and the use of procedures and bell systems in a private school setting.

Against a backdrop of paintball wars and Twinkie experiments, a group of teenagers is targeted for an experiment gone wrong. This page turner includes a message of caution in today’s age of technological advancements.

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Keywords:- Paint, Mind Control, Mystery, School, Pavlov, Microwave Harm.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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