Mara Roams (9781608603343) – by Aedon Young

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As fourteen year old Mara rides her bike one day, she has an accident and falls into an alternate dimension.

She encounters Battery, a girl four years older than herself. Battery is a lively spirit who has overcome a family tragedy. She shares some of her secrets with Mara and becomes protective of the younger girl.

Mara meets an enigmatic young man called Dru. Although he is the same age as Battery, there is a hidden hostility between the two. With Dru, Mara experiences her first kiss. He also shows her love’s first betrayal when his motives are compromised by involvement in his uncle’s interdimensional corruption scheme.

Back in her own world, Mara finds herself exhausted as she struggles with vertigo. She is guilt-ridden over the lies she is forced to tell to keep the alternate place a secret.

Mara observes wondrous events in the other world. She talks to the wind, she understands the language of animals and plants, and she witnesses the magic of everyday events. Yet her journey is sometimes dark.

When Mara has a horrifying past-life experience, she is frozen with fear. She knows, however, that if she can face it, she will have the knowledge required to escape danger. Mara learns that life is sometimes bleak and that strength of character is her only weapon.

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