Maiden of the Crescent Moon : The Isle of Sovereigns – by P.J. Kerti

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In a time and place long forgotten, the Maiden of the Crescent Moon seeks her destiny in this enthralling new fantasy adventure.

Long ago in a tiny village in New England, young Crescena makes a promise to her ailing teacher. She agrees to deliver a crescent-shaped amulet to an unknown land called The Isle of Sovereigns. Her journey transcends New England of 1692, transporting her to a mysterious world of wizards, magic, and mythical creatures.

It is here, on the The Isle of Sovereigns, where rulers keep guard over the four Elementals. On her mission, Crescena is accompanied by an old wizard; a half dog half wolf; and Bron, a warrior designated to protect her.
Crescena soon learns she has been chosen to become the Fourth Elemental, as well as ruler over the Emerald throne, and Queen over the Earth and Moon. However, the evil Mistress of Termor sets out to stop Crescena, as well as steal away the man Crescena has come to love, her bodyguard, Bron.

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Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, Epic, Science Fiction, General.

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