Lucille Mulhall : An Athlete of Her Time – by Cynthia Kay Rhodes

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Before the turn of the twentieth century, most women would not dream of engaging in “men’s work.” Women were expected to ride sidesaddle, wear skirts, and most women did not race their pony like lightning after a prairie wolf. Regardless of society’s rules, these were the things Lucille Mulhall loved. Growing up on her family’s ranch in Oklahoma, she learned to do cowboy chores: rope, train horses, and brand cattle—and she did it better than most men.
Recognizing his daughter’s natural talent, Colonel Zack Mulhall encouraged Lucille to enter the world of show business. From steer roping competitions to vaudeville acts to Wild West shows, Lucille entertained enthusiastic crowds. Her skill and perfect sense of timing, as well as her small stature and feminine demeanor, made her an audience favorite. Heralded by Will Rogers as America’s first “cowgirl,” Lucille Mulhall became an inspiration for women everywhere.

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Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Women.

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