Lousy Luck Lucy – by Maria Clark

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Lousy Luck Lucy is the tale of a little girl named Lucy who seems to have the worst luck. She is a middle child and thinks her problems may come from the order of her birth; she is not the oldest or the youngest in her family, but does that make her unlucky?
Lucy recalls events that highlight her bad luck mishaps. These include a bird knocking the ice cream off her cone, her dog destroying her math homework, and another little girl scooping up the last pair of her favorite shoes in her size.
But her latest example of lousy luck takes the cake! Lucy loses Mr. Nibbles, the class bunny! When Lucy fears the worst, her family finds a comical clue that may make everything turn out all right.
This fun story will encourage children to never give up, to realize that luck changes and that life does get better.

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Keywords:- Lousy Luck Lucy, Children, Lost Bunny, Humor, Fun, Family, Lucy.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, General, Social Issues, Emotions & Feelings.

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