Lost Boy – by Jan Joseph

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On a sleepy Chicago street, author Jackie Steinway opens her door to find a scruffy-looking man wielding a gun and wanting her son, Max. This is the beginning of the fast-paced search for Max, after the boy is kidnapped and forced to assume a new identity in a new location with a new family. Jackie and her husband, actor Jeff Stanley, work with police to clear themselves and work to bring the focus to the kidnapper. Readers are introduced to CPD detectives Jane Peters and Jimmy Reardon, FBI investigator Tom Avalon, psychic Susan Nelson, and private investigator George Nicholas. Will they be able to find Max? And how long will the search take? Chicago author Jan Joseph brings her characters back from her first book, Vanished: The Search for Sally Hunt, to bring this detective story to life.

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Keywords:- Mystery, Fiction, Kidnapping, Psychic Phenomenon.

Genres:- Mystery.

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