Lizard Tales: Lizzie Walks on the Wild Side – by Rosemary Smith

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It’s springtime in Louisiana and all the lizards are coming out to play! Sunshine and fun is what Lizzie Lizard wants and she is determined to find it no matter how far she has to go.Little Lizzie is a very curious little girl lizard. Although her strong, handsome Papa and her wise Mama have cautioned her to stay close, she decides to explore beyond the family territory. Just this once is what Lizzie thinks and when she does, she finds out just why her parents set the limits they do. Danger lurks where Lizzie strays, and she learns that not listening to what’s best can cause all kinds of problems!About the Author:
Rosemary Smith writes a sweet, simple tale that children will adore. Not only does it carry an important message, but this imaginative story is sure to pique your child’s interest and become one of their most treasured books. Smith is a writer, retired realtor, entrepreneur and multi-media technician. She has recently finished the sequels to Lizzie’s adventures and is currently writing another children’s book. Smith and her husband live in the heart of Cajun country in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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