Littlet Thought Monsters – by Doreen Slinkard

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Donny and Lulu from Wicky Wacky Farm in Australia return to school after their fun-packed summer holiday. Donny is looking forward to seeing his best friend, Tommy, after the long school break.
At first, Donny can’t understand why Tommy isn’t pleased to see him. Then he finds out that Tommy’s Dad has left home. Tommy is also upset that he had to spend the entire summer holidays with his elderly grandmother. Tommy is extremely sad and angry that his Dad has left him.
When Donny tells his Mum, Dora, she comes up with a wise idea on how to make Tommy understand what is happening to him and to make him feel better. Her plan works and Tommy returns to the happy boy he once was.
Wicky Wacky Farm Series: Little Thought Monsters provides a sensitive look at family separations in a positive way.

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Keywords:- Family Break Ups, Divorce, Friends, Support, Love, Relationship, Emotions, Feelings, Coping, Sensitive, Thoughtful, Underpinning, Animals, Horses, Stable, Farm, Adventure, Life, Wicky Wacky.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Family, General, Social Issues, Emotions & Feelings.

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