Legacy for Donna – by Denise Rodda R.P.N.

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In this personal and gripping account of nursing her dying sister, Denise Rodda shares her insight from the experience and presents the concept of a nurturing and comforting Palliative Death process. Through the anguish of dealing with the loss of a loved one, Ms. Rodda discovered that the natural and humanist approach to death is the most therapeutic for all involved.

Legacy for Donna also chronicles and examines the genetic predisposition in Ms. Rodda’s family. Though she herself is cancer-free, the BRCA2 genetic mutation, prevalent in her family, makes her more likely to develop breast (which two of her sisters have had) and ovarian cancer (which tragically took Donna’s life). The need for families to make health genealogies is addressed in the book. This history can be used by young adults to base lifestyle choices on, and should be a natural part of our Health Prevention strategies.

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Keywords:- Brca2, Cancer, Proactive Health Care, Health Prevention, Health Genealogy, Death, Health Care.

Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs, Heath & Fitness, Diseases, Genetic.

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