Koran: Forbid or Rewrite? : A Guide for Peaceful De-Islamicization – by Dewanand

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Why is the Koran the deeper abstract cause of terrorism? What can Muslims and non-Muslims do about this? How can we help Muslims liberate themselves from medieval ways of thinking? Is there more in the world than Islam, Mohammed and terrorism? What is a real Muslim? How can an anti-Muslim be defined?
Hindu writer Dewanand provides answers to all these questions in a striking and scientific way, trying to present the interests of both Muslims and non-Muslims in a tactical way. Dewanand says he wrote this book to make sacrifices to Altecrea and to show concern for all living creatures. Discover for yourself if he has reached his goal, when you read Koran: Forbid or Rewrite?
In the first chapters, the PV Muslim scientific model scale is revealed. This is a psychological vectored model for classifying Muslims to understand them better. Dewanand says his book is intended to show respect for Muslims and to help them to grow spiritually. “I wanted to reform Islam and end the suffering and violence in many Islamic nations. I was raised as a Muslim by my mother and later on I converted to Hinduism.”
His book is the meeting point of three old civilizations: Islam, Western and Hinduism. That’s why it is so important for the future of Islam and religion.

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