Journey to Terra Incognita : Epiphany in time – by Gerald Lee Shingleton

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In the post-war 1950s, when a Communist was hiding behind every corner, anti-religious rhetoric began infiltrating America. It was Satan who tested the resolve of atheist Charles Mandrin in this powerful drama written by Gerald Shingleton.

The story is set on a California college campus in 1950, with all the events, characters and developments of those “good old days” interwoven into the evil fascism that was entering the consciousness of the Western world. Mandrin studies the mysteries of the universe and becomes obsessed with how he believes the world is being deceived.

But Mandrin himself becomes fanatical when he falls for a freshman “bombshell,” who’s seriously injured in a car accident. To save her life, he heads for the Guatemalan jungles to find a mysterious crystal that’s supposed to effect miracle cures. But the FBI learns of his exploits and is hot on his trail. To avoid capture, he uses the crystal’s power to project into the future. Unfortunately, the target date is bypassed and Mandrin and his soul mate end up in an unfamiliar time and place.

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Keywords:-Time Travel, Fire-Stone, Toui-Stone, Freemasonry, Satan, Etheric Energy, Life After Death.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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