Jesus: God, Man, or Party Label? – by Chris Albert Wells

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Intrigue.  Politics.  Lies.  Power struggle.  Sound like a thriller?

It’s the Bible.

In Jesus: God, Man or Party Label?, Chris Albert Wells argues that the interpretation of the Gospels we have been taught as Truth ignores a bitter battle of intra-community conflicts and strategies. To discover the nature of the initial split, Wells encourages us to give a new look at the Essene Dead Sea Scroll Messiahs and then to Northern Syria, where the first Gospels were written in a community called Essene before being called Christian.

The reader will discover here the background that ultimately produced the Gospels and what they really meant to those who wrote them. Within this community context, Jesus will be just as alien to established Church traditions as to modern historical portrayals or mythical castings forwarded by scholarly textual criticism. Wells challenges us to question everything we have been told, and to understand the story of Jesus in an entirely new light.

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Keywords:- Dead Sea Scrolls, Gospels, Teacher Of Righteousness, Jesus, Qumran, Antioch, Christianity.

Genres:- Religion, Biblical Studies, Bible Study Guides.

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