Jesus and Ventress: Best Friends – by Edward Kendrex

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Jesus is a mild-mannered Jew and a lawyer learning his ministry. Mary Magdalene, the daughter of an innkeeper, is his childhood friend. But in this story, occurring at the height of Roman power in 26 A.D., the focus is on their friend Ventress, the son of a magistrate and a second generation slave. Jesus and Ventress: Best Friends follows Ventress, Jesus, Mary and friends as they travel to Palestine, via Rome, Brundisium and Contra Costa.
Jesus and Ventress: Best Friends taps into the pages of history and brings early Rome to life, when it was the most powerful and vibrant city in the world. The novel offers readers a new way of seeing the human side of Jesus as he, the cunning Ventress, and their comrades navigate through a world where the powerful rule by force and tradition. Take a journey with a group of unlikely friends straight from the pages of history as they experience friendship, betrayal, suffering, and the power of a good woman’s love.

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Keywords:- Sex, Valance, Human Jesus, , Roman Life, Biblical, Mysteries, Married Jesus, Inquiring Roman, Justice, Loyal, Friends, Ascension, Organizes, Quits, Beheading, Slaves, Mercy, Betrayal, Pain, Action, Galale, John The Baptist, Barnabus, Cana, Nazareth, Mary Joseph, Cross, Crucifiction, Pilate, Sanhedrin, Torah, Mary Magdalane, Miracles.

Genres:- Religious, Fiction, Historical.

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