It’s Colder Than an Ice Monkey Out Here – by Walter Perry

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This quirky little story takes place in the vast winter wilderness of Alaska, where a young army sergeant assumes command of a small maintenance team to recover a broken-down vehicle left behind by an engineering outfit on a training exercise.

Sergeant Snerly receives the assignment upon his arrival in Alaska. With hardly enough time to settle into his new digs, he is given another surprising and secret assignment from his psychotic commanding general.

As Snerly and his team make their way, some strange events occur that elicit more than simple awe. And despite the odd setbacks put before them, Snerly and his team carry on with their mission.

After returning to base, the team finds It’s Colder Than an Ice Monkey Out Here when Snerly betrays the general by confiding in his sergeant, MSG Toughman.

If you thought you knew what the military is like, this humorous novel will be an eye opener.

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Keywords:-Alaska, Army, Colder, General, Monkey, Snow, Wilderness.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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