Italy, Thru My Lens: A Photographer’s Guide to Italy – by Michael Belardo

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Michael Belardo paints a beautiful picture of scenic Italy in his new book Italy, Thru My Lens: A Photographer’s Guide to Italy.

The author has traveled throughout Italy for the last 28 years, and as a photographer, each trip posed another challenge to capture this magical country and its picturesque regions.

He says, “I put together a travel book that is photo based. The concept is from the south to the north, each photo represents a place that I hope you will want to visit. The photography for me is very important, and I wanted to give you a little more than a regular travel book. My photos are all places you can visit. Use the images as an inspiration to explore Italy. It’s a magical country and you can never go there too often.”

“Michael is not just a great photographer. In his photos, the images, people, places, and scenes come to life, through his vivid depiction and careful attention to detail. You always feel a ‘sense of place,’ and want and need to be in that place. Through ‘his lens,’ Michael shares with you his experiences and emotions as a photographer and story teller.” – Bob Lipinski, founder, Bob Lipinski Consulting

“His albums of Italy describe familiar places, with fresh stories to tell. Even the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Duomo of Florence, and il Colosseo in Rome look different from the postcards. Having an Italian background obviously makes a difference!” – Frank E. Johnson, author and importer

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