Is There Still a Place for God? – by Kenneth Bragan

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The centrepiece of the book Is There Still a Place for God? offers a psychological interpretation of the Old Testament story as told by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Miles (God: A Biography).

This book’s interpretation displays how Judaism fostered the inner strength of the “chosen” people. A quantum view of the universe and the understanding of the power of projection are used to make the case that there is still a place for God.

As a starting point, the uncertainty of an Anglican bishop concerning belief and faith is used as an example of present day doubt regarding religious belief and practice, as well as demonstrating the part that projection can play.

The author wrote this book with the concern that we may be losing religious sensitivity, without recognising the cultural losses that may result.

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Keywords:-Psychology, Spirituality, God Images, Old Testament, Faith, Quantum Universe, Projection.


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