Iracema’s Footprint – by Bernard F.Blanche

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The mysteries of village life come into focus for a young Brazilian who ventures into the interior of northeast Brazil to work at a federally funded health post. His relationships with his secretary and an American Peace Corps Volunteer and the political intrigues surrounding a local election immerse him in interwoven trails of violence, love, poverty, prostitution, and insanity.

The landscape becomes as much a character as the quaint villagers who flavor the action of this expansive tale. The Amazon huntress, Iracema, for whom the village is named, is a vital presence in the folklore of northeast Brazil.

Working alongside Ben, the American, Marcus attempts to institute a health program in Iracema while slowly unraveling the mysteries involving the life of his secretary, Maria. The trio of friends are thrown into a vortex spun from the mistakes made earlier by Ben and the upcoming mayoral election. Threats, madness, and brutality are the stepping stones leading to the outcome of the election and the fate of the three friends.

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Keywords:- Iracema, Peace Corps Volunteer, Brazil, Amazon Huntress, Portuguese Literature, Brazilian Folklore And Customs, Rural South America, Political Thriller, Mystery, Adventure, Villanova University author, Latin American Dating, Murder for hire, Forteleza, Ceara, Friendship, Indigenous People, Patron System, Episodic, Social Work, Bernard F. Blanche, Health Post, Romance, 1960’s, Coming of age, Immerging Third World, Foreign Intrigue, Power Struggle, Community Development, Communism, Travel Tale.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, General.

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