In The Eyes Of The Beholder (9781606939130) – by Robert P. Mann

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Controversial-Yes! Worst-case scenario or a wakeup call? Could it ever happen in England in the future? Read it and make your own mind up in this breathtaking story of one Muslim family in their desperate fight for their freedom and their lives in an England torn apart by civil war and ethnic cleansing after the fabric of society is torn asunder by two catastrophic suicide bombers just before Xmas. The agony that the Muktars go through causes them to question their own beliefs and values in an emotional and religious journey of self awareness which ends in tragedy for one but revelation for another. The nail biting climax in the centre of London will leave you on the edge of your seat but also questioning the righteousness of a religion alongside the lead character, that seemingly embraces violence by many that worship and believe in it’s ways! His decision may not be yours. Only by reading it can you make your mind up!

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