Ignis Fatuus – by Martin C C Graham

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Ignis Fatuus: A mysterious light that tempts the weary traveler from the safe path and into peril.

Bored with the ennui of everyday existence? The daily grind that propels you to a too little pension and aged decrepitude, which offers no blue-skied haven to enjoy the rewards of your labours?

If you had the means to commit a crime with little or no chance of being found out, would you do it? Could such an opportunity exist? With meticulous planning and execution, total self-reliance and faith in your abilities, just such an opportunity could be engineered.

But you have really got to want to do it. The rewards will bring financial freedom…or incarceration. If all goes as planned, you get your old job back!

Follow the path of Connor, a man who ventures away from the constraints of society’s norms, who dares to take the gamble and establish that which police forces the world over are helpless against: an invisible criminal.

The story follows Connor escaping to the highlands of Scotland after a journey that starts in sub Saharan Africa.

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Keywords:-Crime, Perfect, Fire, loner, disenfranchised, Scotland, Money.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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