I Have Traveled – by Donna Castellone Sparadeo

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I Have Traveled is the true story of a family that was set in motion to fail. It all begins in the late 1940s with a little girl’s vision. She tries to understand why everyone must struggle so hard. The girl’s journey continues through the next forty years, as she overcomes death in the family, child abuse, homelessness, and heartbreak, all while using her dreams as a compass to guide her life. There are hopeful attempts to keep sane while wanting pureness, and longing for a family. Having to overcome her misguided development causes struggles, but her internal need and drive to find normalcy and peace become a badge of courage. She progresses in her journey as a hopeful person acknowledging human error. She learns to forgive herself and others, as she is guided by angels, and lives her life believing in the God that her religiously zealous mother taught her about. I Have Traveled is a journey about gaining self-confidence, even when all the odds are against you.

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Keywords:- Self Help, Self Esteem, Self Discovery, Development, Insight, Difficult Childhood, Personal Journey.

Genres:- Self-Help.

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