I Hate Fairies! : The Adventures of Katie James – by Kay Potter

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I Hate Fairies! – the first book in The Adventures of Katie James series – provides readers with a new discovery of magic, fairies, and gnomes. Author Kay Potter takes readers of all ages on an adventure from Katie’s backyard to gateways that reveal hidden and unknown magical worlds.

Katie James is an ordinary freckle-faced adolescent who has kept a low profile in school. She lives in a small mountain town in Colorado.

Katie’s life changes forever when she discovers a patch of flowers growing on a hilltop in midwinter. By mistake she picks a sunflower that is really the home of a fairy named Mabel. This is when all the trouble begins! Whoever knew that an angry fairy could be so mean!

I Hate Fairies! The Adventures of Katie James will open up your eyes to the possibilities the world offers. Books two and three of the series have already been written.

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Keywords:-Magic, Fairy, Friends, Adventure, Rescue, Disney, Enchanted.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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