I AM : A book of unintentional thoughts – by Alexander Jackman

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There are discerning moments in life that impact our journeys, creating portals to our innermost thoughts and imaginations. Sometimes these journeys emerge from painful events and circumstances. I AM is about the path of a young man who experiences abortion with his first love. This very dramatic event, coupled with the end of the relationship to his girlfriend, lead to an inward journey towards self-awareness. I AM explores the immersion of one writer who retreats into his craft and his thoughts to find himself. As he thinks and writes, he begins to learn more and more about himself, discovering that he will surrender to a world he has yet to know. This book is not only an illuminating exploration into the mind of the writer, but also an excavation into the meaning of life and finding one’s purpose. As readers turn each page and learn more about the writer, they will soon uncover more about themselves. I AM is not only a book about one man’s experiences, it is a stepping stone to enlightenment.

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