Hunter’s Field Guide to Forex : It’s a Jungle Out There – by Claire Elstun

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Hunting for good investments? This self-help guide will lead you through today’s financial jungle with ease.

Come explore the world’s largest financial market, Forex, in the hunt for the biggest game on the planet. Learn how to trade with the big guns in the international market. Operating 24 hours a day with more than one trillion dollars traded daily, Forex is the place to be for big game hunters.

Hunter’s Field Guide to Forex: It’s a Jungle Out There takes advantage of the high leverage, liquid, instantaneous, and constant trading in the world’s largest market to show you how to explore new investment opportunities.

This hunter’s take on currency trading is presented through interesting anecdotes, so you can compare the hunter’s goal with the trader’s goal, and not be left behind.

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Keywords:- Currency Trading, Money Trades, Foreign Currency Exchange, International Money Market.

Genres:- Business & Economics, Investments & Securities, Foreign Exchange.

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