How the Quail Earned His Topknot – by Richard Oldenburg

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A young quail loves running so much that he’s never even tried to fly. All the other quail tease him and think he’s strange. Tired of being made fun of, he decides to learn to fly as well. The quail enters a contest that requires him to run and fly, and he’s set to race against a fast road runner bird. Will his running skills come in handy? Has he had enough practice flying so he can win the race? This cute story teaches children to value each other’s differences.

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Keywords:- Birds Run And Fly, Championship, Competition, Contest, Differences, Family, Quail, Reward, Sharing, Teasing, Trophy, Winner’s Crown, Children, Story, Fiction, Learning, Nature, Birds, Flying, Green.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Social Situations, New Experience, Nature & the Natural World.

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