Her Education – by Susan Katrinka Butler

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Steve Fairlington is a bright, ambitious young man eager to start his career as a lawyer in Chicago. But his father felt he needed to learn about “real life” and sent him away to a remote farm far from the comforts urban living. With no electricity, cell phones, or Starbucks, Steve’s plans to become a lawyer had been rudely brushed aside. But his reluctance to live on the farm quickly turned to intrigue as he meets Sally Wales, a gentle and beautiful young woman who single handedly runs the farm while her parents recover from an illness. Despite the nagging doubts he has about their differences, Steve is unable to control his feelings for Sally and their unexpected love affair begins.

Can Steve give up his plans to be a big-city lawyer and adapt to a “plain folk” lifestyle? Will Sally abandon her rural country life to become her new lover’s slick city woman? Discover what each will learn from the other in Susan Butler’s thrilling new romance novel.

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Keywords:- Romance, Tantalizing, Adventure, Intrigue, Temptation, Passion, Innocence.

Genres:- Fiction, Romance, General.

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