Hell Dragon (9781608602803) – by Richard Todd

Price: $9.99

Saddened by his recent loss, Jake Walker is left alone with out a family to take care of him, but when he learns that a terrifying creature is lurking in the shadows. He realizes that he has stumbled into a nightmarish world that none have truly survived. With every turn he makes, something evil stalks not only him but also the local town of Laymor.

Trying to help the kid out, Sam, the recently appointed Chief of Police, discovers that there is a murderer on the loose. While in pursuit of the villain, he becomes frozen in fear when he sees a creature from right out of his nightmares. Now, Sam must go beyond his own sense of justice to avenge a fallen friend.

Together, these two must find out what is lurking in the shadows and drive it into the open. Will they be successful or won’t they?

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