Hear God… Hear God More… Hear God More Clearly… – by Nick Pink

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Believers and non-believers alike have long struggled to hear the voice of God in their daily lives. Even the most devoted Christians often find themselves at a spiritual crossroads when trying to recognize God’s voice in the midst of life’s noise.

This book features actionable techniques to put you in the best position to recognize God’s voice in your own life. Hear God…Hear God More…Hear God More Clearly… contains practical solo and group exercises to help you identify God’s voice and truly “hear” what he is saying to you. Nick Pink introduces new methods and real-life examples of some of the many ways in which God may choose to communicate with each of us.

The author uses the scriptures as additional tools to connect you with the living presence of God’s voice in your life. This expands the traditional “content-driven” focus of scriptural teachings and adds a new dimension to their already inspirational messages. However clearly you may or may not hear God at the moment, there is always more to explore. Hear God… Hear God More… Hear God More Clearly… is a moving “hands on” and practical exploration of the multitude of ways in which God chooses to speak to each one of us.

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