Harvey the Houdini Husky : A Dog’s Tale – by Jo-Anne Spinks

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Harvey the Houdini Husky is a dog’s tale about a Siberian Husky who is an expert escape artist, hero and champion of the underdog. He keeps fit by eating raw carrots. In this his first tale, his best pal Potty Barker mysteriously disappears and is feared dognapped! Harvey’s quest to rescue him leads him to Europe and a climatic and exciting international horse race. Meanwhile, a strange square box appears in the Clueless Clucks Clan’s hen field.

Harvey invites the reader into a world run by goats, called the Pettygoat Government, challenged by Wilbur the wicked wild wabbit with his Underground Gang, and populated with an assortment of loveable characters, such as Squealer the rat who hates to be dirty and Humble Bee, who is allergic to pollen.

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Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Dogs.

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