Gunner and Land Girl : Bob and Connie, Their War Years. 1939-1945 – by Steve Orwin

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Bob and Connie were just eighteen and sixteen when they met and started walking to work together. They got to know each other well enough in the year and a half before World War II started to stay together through the uncertainties and separation of war. They married when Bob was on leave in 1945.

The two were just embarking on their adult lives when war began, dramatically changing their expectations and experiences. This is their story, or rather how two stories became one, despite the intervening six years of danger and hardship.

Connie joined the Land Army to work on a farm, while Bob went to France with the Royal Artillery. He was evacuated from Dunkirk; and then spent the rest of the war as a gunner on merchant shipping, which took him around the world and into some tight spots.

Connie’s story is a fascinating account of life in and around a farm, where she was the only woman doing farm work. She became expert at driving a tractor and bulldozer, which contrasted greatly from her previous office job.

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Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoir.

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