Guilty Until Proven Innocent – by Alida van den Bos

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When Ally Lohman, a young vibrant Australian woman, attempts to move out of her alcoholic father’s home to be with her lawyer boyfriend Nicholas, an altercation leaves Ally in a coma, her father dead, and Nicholas unjustly accused of murder. Ally recovers, though with no memory of the incident, and travels to Germany where she takes care of her beloved grandmother, whom she calls Oma. Upon arrival, she discovers that Oma’s handyman, Albert, has infiltrated Oma’s bank accounts. With help from Jonathan, her doctor back in Australia, Ally uncovers a sinister plot cooked up by Albert and his lover Frieda to murder Oma and receive her estate. Intrigue, murder and death ensue as Ally and Jonathan set out to foil the co-conspirators, hoping then to return to Australia and recover her memory and reunite with Nicholas.

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Keywords:- Crime, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Amnesia, Quest, Proven, Innocence, Suffering, , Witnessing, Apparent Murder, Father, Boyfriend, Nicholas, Ally, Lohman, Summoned, Germany, Ailing Grandmother, Deception, Guilty, Proven, Innocent. Court, Lawyer, Intrigue, Trial, Novel.

Genres:- Fiction, Mystery & Detective, General, Suspense.

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