Growing Pains : A Planet in Distress – by Valorie M. Allen

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“Growing Pains – A Planet In Distress” takes an in depth look at the planet’s greatest threat, that of too many people on one small planet.  As you read “Growing Pains” the realization sets in that the long and good fights by environmentalists, anti-poverty groups, and world aid groups are all for naught, as every gain is soon overwhelmed by the pressures of more growth.  The time has come to expose the myths and taboos that are holding us back from addressing this critical issue.  This award-winning book is a brave and rare effort to demystify the population puzzle, and take positive action to reach a sustainable population level.  The reader is left with a strong inside knowledge of where the human obsession with growth has come from, how it is destroying our planet, and what the solutions are.

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Keywords:- Population, Sustainable, Growth Ethic, Overpopulation, Tipping Point, Environmental Eestruction, Setting Limits.

Genres:- Science, Nature, Environment.

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