Grist for t’ Mill : A Yorkshire Boyhood 1937–1953 – by Colin Blackburn

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Grist for t’ Mill: A Yorkshire Boyhood 1937-1953 is the story of Colin Blackburn’s boyhood in Yorkshire, from the war years to his first job.

It covers his first school experiences during World War II, and his home life after the family moved from the slums of Castlegate to a house that sported a bathroom, but not much else. “Although I didn’t know the difference, as it was just our house.”

The war news was the main topic of conversation of adults both during the fighting and afterward, as the shortages bit hard. Children made do without shop-bought games, and an old tennis ball was about all they could expect.

Later on, everything was about passing exams, very much as it is today, and looking forward to leaving school and moving on. But where would life take him?

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Keywords:- Autobiography, Memoires, Childhood, War Years, School Years.

Genres:- Biography/Autobiography/Memoir.

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