Got It : Twenty-One Communication Tips for Busy, Impatient People – by Joan Craven

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If you desire to communicate with honesty and purpose in an enthusiastic and committed manner, Got It! delivers. Got It! will inspire you to catch Joan Craven’s infectious ability to incorporate constructive ideas and common sense guidelines into your dealings with just about anybody, anytime.

Her practical and thoughtful approaches to the communication opportunities and challenges that face every one of us – in the workplace or the home – are easy to grasp and implement in our lives. She has demonstrated her mastery of communications by weaving theory, experience and thought-provoking questions into a quick-and-easy read that will radically improve your interactions with the world.
“Got It! will empower anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. Whether you’re a CEO, educator, new grad, entrepreneur or parent, these insightful examples and insights show how to get along better with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime. Read it and reap.” – Sam Horn, The Intrigue Expert and author of POP! and Tongue Fu!®

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