Gooch, the Condo Owner – by F. T. Kasay

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It is the Wild Wild West in South Florida during the real estate boom that starts in the early 2000s and ends in mid 2008. During this time, people rush to become homeowners and wheeler dealers.

As house prices skyrocket, many buy driven by fear that they will be left out and remain tenants the rest of their lives. Others come to own houses or condos just to make a quick profit, sometimes selling them before the properties are even fully completed.

Gooch Harrison, a middle-aged store clerk, is caught in the middle of the chaos. He doesn’t make much, but is saving his earnings to open his own store. His dream is about to come reality, until his best friend sells him on the idea of buying a house, thus changing Gooch’s life forever.

Nate Green has just become a new loan officer after working as a burger flipper at a fast food joint. He joins a mortgage company because his pregnant girlfriend, the driving force behind his major decisions, convinces him. Nate learns all the tricks of landing mortgage deals, and his early guinea pig is Gooch. He hopes to become rich through fraud and deceit, leaving trusting borrowers like Gooch, high and dry.

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Genres:-General Fiction.


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